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Blind Hunters

It grounds me to be reminded that while I have my own challenges in finding someone, in the process of ‘going out there and making things happen’, I find there are more out there like me – willing and yearning but unable to make connections because they are bound by fear, disappointment, insecurity or incapability to form such bonds, caused by previous pain or lack thereof. 

We’re like blind hunters.

Out on a hunt. We have an idea of what we want. An idea. A fantasy. A dangerous blueprint because it may not exist in reality. 

Out on a hunt but unaware of the tools we take with us.

Sometimes I don’t realize how ‘closed’ I am while believing I’m open to people and relationship opportunities.

We are blind hunters. But why shouldn’t we be, when we have our instincts, our guts that are accurate enough to lead us to what we actually want, stripped off of all the unnecessary criteria and judgements that spoil the one true purpose of the hunt?

Finding the so-called One. 

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    • Thanks. Glad you enjoy reading it. Im sure you have had similar experiences. And age doesn’t help at all 😉 the older we get the more closed, scared and hesitant we become. I guess we just get tired. That’s all.

      • tell me about it. Age is a factor for sure… I am positive person by nature, so I have not stopped hoping and believing. I am dealing with the feeling of being tired by doing other things to help, like yoga. if you feel like it, let’s have a coffee sometime.

      • Perfect. You have my email address, can you send me your contact details? See you next week.

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